About me

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My name is Katerina Vaseva and I am an architect. Most recently I completed my MA degree in History and Theory of Architecture and since then I’ve been something like a freelancer in architectural visualization and presentation.

The work featured here is more of an academic rather than professional portfolio. Its aim is to show a certain progress in my approach towards space-making and to give an idea of my focus and interests as an architect. I am mostly concerned with how cities and in general, spaces are shaped and transformed over time – and as vague as that is, it points to something different than architecture: it is economy, politics, policy making and society in the broadest sense that make places the way they are. In my work I try to learn and explore how architecture can approach and interact with those and in this regard, I’m not that interested in “designing” spaces, but reflecting on how architecture can provide the starting point for numerous future transformations and scenarios. Apart from architecture, I have featured also a number of my photos and an essay I wrote about a year ago for my previous short-lived blog. They give an idea of my visual style, language and sense of image.

You can see a proper account of my professional and educational background on my LinkedIn profile.

You can also download a PDF version of the portfolio from Slideshare. However, rather than seeing it in your web browser, please download it, because the quality of the graphics is much better in the original PDF file.

You can see more of my photos on my Behance profile.

And you can drop me a line at katerina.vsv@gmail.com


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